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Blu Cigs products are already cheap when compared to industry standard prices. Now with a Blu Cigs coupon code, you can save more dollars on your ecig gear.

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Our exclusive Blu e cig coupon provides customers with huge discounts on Original, Premium, and Premium 100 starter kits, as well as batteries, disposables, cartridges, and accessories.

The cheapest Blu Cigs starter kit costs around $70, but with a Blu Cigs discount code you could pay 10 to 25 percent less the store price. The promo code also applies to refill cartomizers, cutting the cost of each cartridge from $2.40 to only $1.92.

Blu Cigs is one of the first e-cigarette brands to provide smokers with a true alternative to tobacco cigarettes. With Blu ecigs, you can hardly tell the difference. The taste in your mouth, the feel on your fingers, the throat hit, everything is almost as real as lighting up.

Blu Cigs not only sells e-cigarettes, it is selling freedom. With Blu Cigs you can smoke virtually anywhere, even in places where smoking is prohibited. The new social features of the Blu Pack allow you to spot another Blu user within 50 feet, making it the perfect ice breaker.

Unlike most ecig manufacturers that source their e-liquid from China, Blu Cigs uses smoke juice developed in the Wisconsin facilities of Johnson Creek. The Blu formula uses only US-made ingredients and is mixed by hand under stringent quality controls.

Blu Cigs was the first e-cigarette company to introduce a flip-top charging case. Its proprietary Blu Pack can store up to five flavor cartridges and charge your spare battery on the go. Other ecig brands are now offering PCCs based on the Blu Pack model.

Choose from seven awesome flavors – Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Piña Colada, and Peach Schnapps – in four nicotine concentrations.